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  • Ticket #234

    • Property Version changed from to 1.2
    • Property Summary changed from Source code display direct from a object (de: Anzeige des Quelltextes von Objekten) to Source code display direct from an object (de: Anzeige des Quelltextes von Objekten)
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    initial v2  
    11The possibility to show the source code of an object shall be created.
    3 It has to be specified:
    4 * how the source-code showing should be triggered
    5 * for which objects the source code shall be shown
    6 * in which views the function shall be active
    7 * how the souce code will be presented (extra window/frame, tooltip...)
     3The following shall be implemented:
    9 For some objects a mouseover (or mouse-click event) is already defined. It has to be discussed how this should be handled.
     5* selection of object/element with right mouseclick and selction of menu item "show sourcecode"
     6* the sourcecode shall be shown for all elements
     7* propsectively the sourcode shall be shown in all views, for now it should be available for the Infrastructure - topographic, map and tabular view as well as for the Timetable - graphic and tabular view
     8* the source code shall be presented in a copyable extra window/frame or if realisable in a copyable tooltip
     9* the software shall show the sourcecode from the beginning of the description of the selected element
     10* the display of the sourcecode shall be openden and created in reasonable time
     11* it is not purpose of the sourcecode display to adjust or change the sourcecode
     12* important attributes of the selected elements shall be highlighted in the sourcecode. (e.g. The railML coordinators will define what is to be highlighted.